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Wow - I've just got a Daily Deviation on my Lizard Man painting so I thought I'd celebrate with another first for me - a journal!!  :w00t:

I'm not sure on what criteria they're chosen but I'm surprised it was this one… - but still happy none the less. :)

I'm pleased that those who liked the image also took the time to go through my other pieces in my gallery and I'm encouraged by the extra comments and increased watchers too!

I was already seriously behind in my message centre and now that I've had this DD, I've got a lot more to get back to - but I will but please be patient. The reason I take so long in responding to messages is because I like to spend some time going through other people's galleries and not just give the 'thanks for the fav' message - it's the least I can do as someone's done the same for me.

More of my work can be found in my web site if you're interested - Craig's Sketchpad

I've skimmed some of comments on the Lizard Man regarding it's inspiration - I got the idea from watching my daughter play Soul Calibre fighting against a lizard man in armour. Of course there are countless 'lizard like' races from all sorts of fantasy fiction and RPGs but I wasn't aiming for any of those in particular. I can't remember what the Soul Calibre's character looked like now but it wasn't a direct copy.

Fortunately I am more creative in my images than I am of their titles. ;P

I have absolutely no desire to have lots of Llamas but I don't mind giving them out to anyone who wants another one. If you want a Llama from me you can note me or simply give me a Llama and I will return one to you - but only give me a Llama if you want one yourself. :)

Thank you all!

I now need to go as this is eating into time I could be spending replying to comments. :D
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  • Playing: Starcraft - can't wait for Starcraft 2!!
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